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Our mission is to provide parents and educators with research based proven  innovative practices, tools, and strategies that are needed to ensure all students enter kindergarten on or above grade level in reading, literacy and beyond. 


To change the face of early childhood education through hands on innovative early literacy practices


Within 2 months of attending 1:1 tutoring sessions with AdVANCEment Learning, my son has shown significant improvement in both letter sounds and recognition, as well as learned several sight words and is able to now read short sentences. Mrs. Vance has taken the time to learn my sons learning style and does not use a "one size fits all" approach, but instead utilizes various innovative tools and approaches she has developed to provide an enriching experience and to keep him engaged. Mrs. Vance's dedication to teaching and to her students is unsurpassed and I am thankful that my son has an opportunity to work with her during these early developmental years. -

-Lacetti Fields

AdVANCEment Learning sets the bar high...and it's an attainable task for you and your baby...My son has made great strides in word recognition, letters and sounds, I'm very pleased with the program 

-Prescott Hilson

Living in Washington State early education is not as accessible as I hoped. My 4 year old has been limited to daycares with preschool programs or two days a weeks for 2 hours. My husband and I purchased AdVANCEment Learnings reading system to introduce my daughter to sight words and refresh her knowledge with other items. With patients and positive reinforcement my daughter went from not knowing all of her alphabet to reading, spelling and understanding sight words. She is excited to learn things every day and is now reading sight word books. This system helped us hone in on what she needed help with and fine tune things we had no idea she was struggling with. I am excited for her to master these materials and move on to the next one. Thank you for sharing your knowledge so that we can access it all the way across the US

- Tiffani Rene Lane

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