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AlphaVANCE Tutoring Spa

AlphaVance tutoring spa is a tutoring center that provide children with a 21st century tutoring experience. We ensure that children ages two through first grade know how to relax, enrich, and advance while educating their minds.  

AlphaVANCE tutor spa believes in educating the whole child.  

Our motto is, if you look good and feel good, then you will do good.


What sets us apart from other tutoring programs?

  • We go beyond tutoring…
  • We provide your child with a structured, proven, self learning academic program that gives them the critical thinking skills and mindset to learn new material independently.
  • Your your child will progress at their own pace…
  • Regardless of their academic level your child will progress through our individualize curriculum at his or her own pace.


AlphaVANCE delivers results in school and beyond….

Our curriculum advances your child’s ability in the classroom and throughout life. In fact many of alphaVANCE’s students are studying at least one grade level above their current grade.


What will your student receive it an alphaVANCE tutoring session?

  • Tutoring with a twist
  • One of a kind country club experience
  • spa treatments
  • 21st-century individualized tutoring lesson
  • Hors d’oeuvres


Services offered:

  • One on one tutoring
  • Cohort (small group) tutoring sessions
  • Reading bootcamps
  • Math bootcamps

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