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AdVANCEment Learning

Explorational Journey Curriculum Box

$250.00 USD

The Explorational Journey Curriculum box is a one stop resource box for those busy parents who are always on the go, but looking for a proven solution to assist in building their child's reading foundation. This curriculum box includes everything a parent or early childhood educator will need to give their young scholar the academic jumpstart they deserve. 

With this curriculum students will begin to read and develop the skills and confidence needed for success in school and life.

Your child will:

• be exposed to beginning phonics

• master sight words

• learn to read simple words and short sentences

• develop reading confidence

What's included inside our curriculum box? The Explorational Journey Curriculum Guide, a handwriting workbook, an alphabet coloring book, crayons, a brain development book and journal, a parent case study book, culinary apron, mirror, incentive chart and stickers, inflatable globe, a reading motor, 7 incentive prizes, and more.