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AdVANCEment Learning

Quarantine Family Bundle

$85.00 USD

Board, Party & Group Games All Ages 6 Years & Up

 Family game time is a super opportunity for quality bonding, a barrel of good cheer, and treasured memories for a lifetime.  Discovery Toys has bundled together 5 of its top selling family games, fun for all ages including grandma and grandpa. 


Products included in this Set:

  • Triple Play

This unique family strategic game features 3 different ways to win: 1. Three of the same shapes in a row / 2. Three different shapes in ascending or descending order. / 3. Three shapes in the same space. Plays like Tic-Tac-Toe, but with 3 layers on each space, for Triple the Challenge & Triple the Fun! 2-4 players. 6 years & up.

  • Wiz Kidz

With this family category card game, pick a letter card & a category card. Think fast to generate as many associations as possible. 49 letter cards, 49 category cards, instructions. Can play right out of the travel-size storage box. 2 or more players. 7 years & up.

  • Topicubes

In this fun family word game, players roll 10 dice, 5 with a letter, and 5 with an illustrated category, and race to come up with matching words. With 30 fun topics like Celebs, TV shows, piece of clothing, ‘’something square’’, an animal living on land, and many more. Travel-size storage box. 2-6 players. 7 years & up.

  • RiddleCube

In this family shape-shifting game, everyone races to beat the clock by folding, twisting, and stretching their bendable cube into shapes that match one of the 200 mind-bending picture and word puzzles. 4 RiddleCube shape-shifters, 100 two-sided challenge cards, 60 second sand timer, instructions. 1-4 players. 8 years & up.

  • Jishaku®

In this family strategic game, players place a magnetic hematite stone on the dimpled foam game board without attracting any other stones. The more stones placed on the board, the trickier it gets. 18 polished hematite stone magnets, dimpled foam game board, storage pouch, instructions with multiple options. 2-3 players. 14 years & up.